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I know this for sure: life is amazing and it causes us to forget that we are whole.

The struggles you’re experiencing today in your life and business started a long time ago.

One day we set a goal and we want to achieve it but we find ourselves afraid,

  • second guessing our every step,
  • unable to make a decision,
  • worried about our ability to handle success,
  • freaking out about failing, judging ourselves,
  • worried about what others think,
  • scared of making the wrong choice.

Ever felt that way? I have! You’re capable of doing anything you want but old, limiting stories keep you stuck and make you believe that you’re not good enough, not clear enough, don’t know enough, or can’t handle the success you want to create.

Negative emotions, drama, and trauma that happens to us in our childhood, adulthood or in past lives, if not resolved, will stick around and keep us spinning our wheels. Until you can release the imprint of that traumatic old story you can’t confidently reach your goals.

The worst part is sometimes you don’t even know what that old story is because it’s not that obvious to you like a story of abuse, divorce or loss is obvious.

You have even tried to release it before using tapping, meditation, journaling, therapy, Reiki, energy activation, oracle cards, coaching, etc. And you’ve made progress…but not enough. And you just want that shit gone once and for all.

That was me. I struggled with finances, being a mom, and depression because I hated being alive. I was committed to overcoming my fears and really finding the joy in life that I saw so many other people have. But I didn’t know what my problem was! I had tried everything! And then I discovered the Akashic Records…the archive of the Soul. The library of all my old stories, my choices, and possibilities. I dove in.

I healed my motherhood struggles and rebuilt my relationship with my children.

I released my lack mentality and poverty vow and built a thriving business based on service and impact.

I tapped into my gifts, creative power and found my joy in life. I no longer wanted to leave the planet!

And not only that, using the Akashic Records and the intuitive art I channel, I have helped conscious women entrepreneurs release their pain, step into clarity, confidence, and focus and access guidance to the possibilities, direction and purpose of their businesses.

The Akashic Records offer information on what your business can become, what strategies to use to grow it, and where you can release personal blocks to fully align with your purpose so that the possibilities in the Records can come to pass.

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