My name is pronounced Kasha.

I’m a total science, metaphysics, and woo nerd. I love how science and spirituality integrate and that we’re alive to witness it right now in action.

I live in Kelowna, BC. I love to be in the forest and by the lake, in the mountains and my garden. My two kids are home educated and teach me way more than I can ever teach them.

I work as an intuitive healer and energy artist. I believe that any old, toxic story that keeps us from really showing up in our life, trusting ourselves, and confidently speaking our truth can be released. We can heal from anything when we’re ready.

I use the Akashic Records to help ambitious, courageous entrepreneurs not only know their guides, the potential and direction of their business, but also know where they have blocks at the Soul level that keep them second guessing, afraid, and stagnant. It all points back inside the entrepreneur and that’s where the healing must happen first so that what’s in the business Akashics can come to pass.

I also channel and paint high vibe art that anchors the entrepreneur’s purest essence and reminds them that they are whole and fully capable. I feel so lucky and humbled to do this work. It’s the highest way that I have found to serve women.

If you have an old story that you’ve been living with, whether from this lifetime or a previous lifetime, let’s chat! I want to know more about your story and what you want instead. Let’s get to the bottom of it and help you heal.

At Kopiec Kosciuszki

Kasia Rachfall and Wayne Dyer, 2008


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