Why I decided to shut my blog down

As a business owner there are many balls I juggle and many things that I take responsibility for.

As spring changed to summer I heard guidance to stop everything and take stock of what I’ve got going on and only keep what I really, really love.

I resisted this for two weeks, telling myself that I love it all.

Well, the Universe called bullshit on me. And I got exhausted beyond anything. I was eating clean. I was sleeping enough. And I could barely drag myself around to do the essentials.

Fine! I’ll do it!

I sat down and wrote the list. It’s long. And I admitted that I don’t love everything on it.

The top of the list of unliked things? My blog.

Yes, it filled my soul when I started it. But it has stopped filling me up. So I’ve decided to shut it down.

And I wonder what it will create space for? Definitely more energy! I could feel it seeping into my body after I made the decision.

A super cool, inspired project that has been in my heart for a year and a half. And probably more!

I will still be doing lives on my Facebook page at least 3 times  a week here: www.facebook.com/kasiarachfallpage

I will continue to post my channeled art and SoulMemo quotes on my Instagram here: www.instagram.com/kasiarachfall

And, of course, my website is staying: www.kasiarachfall.com 

Here’s to adventure! I’ll see you out there ❤


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