Why you hit goal ceilings and what to do about it

Why You Hit goal ceilings and what to do about themYou had an epic transformational experience in your life.

You healed profoundly from drama or trauma and now you want to give back.

You know you can help others walk through their blocks and get unstuck and now you’re on fire building a business out of it.

And then it happens…

The wind gets sucked out of your sails.

Your energy dips and your excitement is gone.

The honeymoon is over…and your inner voice gets loud…

Why are you doing this again?

What made you think you could do this work?

What do you do now that you can’t seem to connect to your passion and self doubt and self sabotage lurk around every corner?

I had this conversation with a client and have definitely experienced it myself.

This honeymoon phase in our business and in our life ends inevitably and the end of it is an invitation for us to grow. We have a choice to make: we stop here and decide to go after something else that is exciting and feels good. Or we dig deeper and blast through this ceiling in our beliefs, self trust, confidence and clarity.

(By the way, if you stop and go after a new dream that feels more exciting you will end up back here again. I repeated that cycle for more years than I care to admit before I realized what was actually going on.)

To open this gift and grow into a bigger, stronger, more empowered version of ourselves is a choice we have to make. And when we blast through this ceiling we will be more confident, more capable, and better able to help those women and men who we want to work with because we will know what it feels like. Having walked through it ourselves we will know what it takes.

And what does it take?

  1. See the end of the honeymoon as a gift that will help you grow.
  2. Not beating the crap out of yourself for hitting this place and feeling negative emotions. Instead, allow yourself to feel whatever comes up without judgment or self criticism.
  3. Reconnect with why you started on this journey in the first place. You have gifts to share, this ceiling is simply inviting you to strengthen your own conviction and belief in them.

Watch my FB live about what to do when this happens to you.



If you’re having a hard time getting through this on your own and you want support through the emotional journey, I help spiritual women entrepreneurs heal their old stories, un-numb their courage and find clarity, conviction and trust so they can make the impact and income they want in their life and business. Click here to book your Akashic Records healing session. 



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