Entrepreneur and Homeschooling Mom

Kasia Rachfall interviewI’m often told, “I couldn’t do it,” when I share with someone that I homeschool my kids and also run my own business. I never really know how to take that! Haha! Because they either think I’m nuts or they’re in awe. Either way, it’s a lifestyle my family and I have chosen.

And it’s been an adventure. Not always rainbows and unicorns but so rewarding and rich in experience and connection.

Parenting and being an entrepreneur are two of the most amazing self development courses you can ever experience. Both push your buttons and bring up your stuff in ways you can’t even predict. Both make you grow and stretch and get to know yourself in deep ways.

I recently shared my story of homeschooling and entrepreneurship with Lydia Lee from Screw the Cubicle. I hope it inspires you and makes you think. I hope it ruffles some feathers and gets conversations going.

Here’s the link to the video.



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