How to be the artist in your own business (and life)

I love the freedom that comes from creating art. It’s fun calling myself an artist, too. Even though my work now includes Akashic Records healing in life and business, I still create intuitive art for my clients.

Kasia Business Healer & Intuitive Coach for Conscious EntreprenerusIn the beginning I was really afraid of making “bad” art. I would agonize over every piece I worked on and tried to make it perfect. The funny thing is, though, that each painting comes through me from the Universe and I’m not the one who decides when it’s finished, much less when it’s perfect. When the Universe paints through me I simply hold the brush and release myself into the process. The paintings come together bit by bit sometimes I need to fix mistakes and sometimes it’s seamless. And when they’re finished, I just know, and I love each of them.

Art helped me give myself permission to just create and be curious. And f**k perfection! As someone who is a bit of a control freak, this took time. It was scary at first! I liked having things in order but perfection is kind of like handcuffs.

Business can feel daunting when we try to have everything perfect before we are ready to launch products of offers. Thinking more like an artist brings a freedom to have fun in business. Perfection causes stagnation and paralysis.

It’s more fun to have fun with the things we do in life whether it’s work or play. When you can be the artist in your own business you can forget trying to perfect and just do it! Take those freaking handcuffs off!

Artists do shit their own way, they experiment, they make bad art and don’t care because you can always repaint over it (unless it’s watercolour, that’s a bit more tricky).

Have the courage to just go for it and adjust as you go. I spent so much time trying to find the perfect way to do and say stuff that I ended up not saying or doing anything.

WHY? Because there is no perfect way to say stuff! You will resonate with some people and others won’t get you. Who cares? As long as you’re coming from a place of love and highest service for all and not being an asshole on purpose, you are changing the world! You deserve to feel good about yourself and to receive as much as you give and more!

Be like an artist in your business…innovate, try stuff, give yourself permission to make bad art, laugh at yourself, give your all to your clients, receive in a big way.

I’m Kasia and I work as an intuitive business healer and coach. I take an innovative approach to helping conscious women entrepreneurs know exactly what to do in their business and how to manage their fears, doubts, and blocks by connecting them to the wisdom of their Akashic Records. My clients receive unprecedented truth about the validity of their business ideas, clarity, personalized guidance from the archive of their own Soul, and release the old, toxic stories that hold them stuck in fear and doubt. Want more clarity and less doubt in your business? Let’s chat in a Discovery Call.

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