How to know you’re on track

How to know you're on trackEver felt like things are going well and you can’t ever really remember what it’s like to freak out?

And then you crash and fall and you can’t quite remember what it’s like to feel really good?

Welcome to the roller coaster of being human!

Wondering why you even signed up for this? Because when you remember why you’re here and who you are, it gets really delicious!

I had a conversation with my little bro about this very thing. I did an FB live about it and here’s the (shortened) clip.


Emotions and being a human go hand in hand like butter and toast. Sometimes you may not like the butter and want something else (I actually seriously don’t like butter on my toast). Knowing how to manage your emotions is one of the pillars of success in business and in life. When you know you have an old, toxic story that you can’t manage on your own and it’s really getting in your way of being clear, focused and succeeding like you know you want to, let’s talk. I offer complimentary Discovery Calls for conscious women entrepreneurs who have a big vision and a hamster wheel.


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