How to Integrate Your Energy

I woke up feeling hungover except that I can’t remember the last time I had a drink! Shortly after I got really dizzy. It felt like my head was too big for my body and that I would fall over to the left. I didn’t feel sick, the room wasn’t spinning, I simply felt like I would fall over if I stood up.

I had dreamed a very vivid dream during the night and even though I couldn’t remember it, I still saw the colours and people clearly. It hadn’t been a scary dream and I hadn’t been stressed out by anything during the last week – so no negative triggers had come up for me which would cause my energy to detach from my body. But it did.

This was interesting because I thought it was only negative things that could disrupt our energy field. Turns out, when you’re not fully integrated and your spirit isn’t used to being integrated into the body, it can leave even during happy times.

I learned that being aligned fully with our energy is a practice until our spirit feels fully safe. Here is the 6 min video I recorded on FB live about my experience and what to do when your energy feels misaligned.


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