How To Know You’re on the Right Track

Ever learned a big lesson from a tiny nugget of wisdom?

I mentioned to a colleague that I was worried that everyone already knows all the emotional healing systems and tips that I teach and work with. I said “They’re so simple and second nature to me, I assume that everyone else already knows all about them, too.”

She said “that’s how you know you’re in the right line of work in your life: when you’re serving others with what comes naturally to you. And no, don’t assume that everyone knows them.”

We all have things that come naturally to us and it’s easy to discount our talent as something that’s ordinary.

All of us have something we do naturally that we think others do, too. The truth is, though, that to others our natural skill can be hard! This is true for both kids and adults.

My husband has a natural ability to chat with anyone and make them feel comfortable, safe and welcome within minutes. My son has a natural ability to strategize the most effective way to solve any problem. My daughter easily reads horses mannerisms and behaviors and knows what they need.

What natural ability do you have that you assume others have, too?

I see amazing skills in so many of my friends and colleagues who have a talent for serving the world in their own wonderful way.

And yet all of us have, at one point or another, felt not good enough and thought we’re not doing things right.

Hosting the Feel Safe Feeling Experience last week taught me this big lesson: it’s the small things that come easy to us that create the big, epic, amazing changes that we really want to see in our life and world. Those small things that we find so easy and second nature are the things we need to be focusing on, talking about, sharing, working with and serving the world with. Because that’s why we’re here: to use those talents and gifts to serve our world.

I had so many comments and private messages shared with me about how the simple steps I shared about managing emotional triggers and negative emotions shifted someone’s day or helped them feel safe. Those words of thanks and insight taught me that my ability to teach how to heal and release old stories is important and needed.

So if you’ve been playing small and thinking what you have to share isn’t good enough, epic enough, or powerful enough, think again!

It is exactly what the world needs! Right. Now. Let’s get out there and do what we love most!
Learning this lesson compelled me to venture further into Akashic Records healing work – more on that soon.

If you’re afraid of getting out there and there is old story standing in your way, let’s have a discovery call so we can get to the bottom of it.


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