The Feel Safe Feeling Experience on FB Live

feel-safe-feeling-landing-page-graphicOld stories can sneak up and trigger us in any moment. Even seemingly small and insignificant triggers can all of a sudden lead to massive over-reactions and blow ups.

It happened to me this week when I all of a sudden found myself arguing with one of my kids. What started as a conversation I intended to have turned into me yelling and my kid moping and both of us feeling shitty.

My kid bounced back fast and was happy again. I didn’t and it took me the better part of the rest of the day to get to the truth.

The truth that I don’t feel safe feeling happy because I’m afraid of being disappointed again.

Next week I am hosting the Feel Safe Feeling Experience on Facebook Live. It’s 5 days of journeying into the emotions and old stories that we live with. I’m teaching the system I used to get to the truth and to be able to heal through this and emerge remembering my wholeness even more. I can’t wait to share this with you!

You can sign up here.

Here is my video sharing this emotional experience and truth.


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