How to Feel Safe Feeling

“I don’t want the negative emotions to stick to me.”

“I feel so overwhelmed by all the emotions that come up for me.”

“I don’t know how to process all the things I’m feeling.”

Not feeling safe feeling. Period.

This is such a common thing I hear! And I relate to this challenge because I also struggled with it. Until I learned how to really feel my emotions and learned that feeling them is what dissolves them.

When a negative emotion comes up it doesn’t feel good and our learned reaction is to resist it. Or we get caught up in all the past times we’ve felt that emotion before and then we feel even worse.

sdekit-graphic-3-1Negative emotions point our attention at something inside us that feels hurt, unloved, or cast aside. Rather than resisting feeling it we can embrace it and give it what it needs. How do we know what it needs? We tune into that emotion and we ask it.

I created the Shitty Day Emergency Kit to teach the steps of learning how to feel negative emotions, feel safe feeling them, and over time, dissolving the backlog we often have of them. You can get the PDF version here: I am working on a video series that will go deeper with this process. In the meantime, this is a great place to start to feel safer feeling shit that comes up for you.


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