How do you handle shit hitting the fan?

I had a week full of aha moments and insights. I’ve been studying the Akashic Records and learned how to do readings for myself. It has rocked my world to be able to ask questions about things and get the truth about myself. Sitting in the Records and feeling that energy has brought me profound healing, too.

I tend to catch my own thoughts and examine them for truth all the time. I think that with the added energy of the Akash and some really big intentions I’ve set, the insights have amped up.

I recorded many of them on FB live videos. (you can follow my page here so you can catch me live when I’m on.)

This video is about dealing with the curveballs life throws us and what makes it easier to handle the twists and turns of growth.


I teach how to handle emotional triggers in the Shitty Day Emergency Kit. You can get it here.


Your thoughts

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