My one word theme for 2017

I chose the word Impact. Rather, it chose me.

I’ve picked a one word theme for the last half dozen years and this year I had no idea what it would be, until one day it knocked on my door.

I’ve spent the last 18 months doing the work.

By this I mean I’ve been implementing what I know to create what I want in my life. In the beginning it was a 30 day experiment that I chose to do because I felt I had nothing to lose. I began feeling more confident, more clear, more focused, more loved, more worthy, more safe inside myself. I got addicted to the feeling of deliciousness that visited me every day as I decided that I loved myself enough to keep doing the work.

I experienced massive impact over the last 18 months in my life, especially in the way I feel about myself. I have healed deep wounds within myself and rebuilt what once seemed to be crumbling, especially as a mother and a woman.

I want to continue feeling, experiencing and creating this impact. My impact in my own life, in the world, and the universe’s impact on me.

Do you choose an annual theme? What’s yours? How does it impact your life to have a theme?

kasia rachfall intuitive healer energy artist


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