Direction: Intuitive Healing and Energy Art

I’ve been asked a couple of really awesome questions and I bet you’ve also been curious about the answers, so here’s the long and short of it:

Question 1: I’ve been talking so much about healing, am I still creating intuitive art?

The short answer is yes!

The long answer is: yes, but… not in the same way I’ve done it up to now.

You see, the art I have always created is a representation of a client’s energy, their truth and essence. For the last couple years I mainly focused on painting the channeled images I receive when I tune into a client’s energy. I created this art because the universe demanded it of me.

I still do this, but, in true universe fashion, it has again asked me to step into the role of intuitive healer. I was confused about this because I thought I was supposed to paint paint energy not flow it and heal it.

I have spent a ton of time tuning into and clarifying how the art and the healing work go together.

I was given the answer by working with amazing clients over the last 6 months:

  • My gift for using language,
  • asking the hard, unknowable, never-before-asked questions,
  • my nonjudgmental and safe space holding,
  • and my ability to connect with and flow Source energy has brought many women to find deep healing from pain and trauma from their past.

They experienced shifts so transformational that old emotional triggers, negative emotions, numbness and heaviness fully dissolved.

They experienced forgiveness of self and others, clarity, spaciousness, confidence, peace of mind, closure, and deep feelings of self love and self worth.

The art came after. I channelled and painted their essence, truth and beauty when the universe revealed it to me in their Soul Tattoo™. The art serves as a reminder to them of their transformation and healing.

Question 2: What is the direction of these newsletters I’m sending? (and my blogs, too.)Kasia Rachfall Intuitive Healer and Energy Artist

Simply…I will continue to share sneak peeks into my studio and my intuitive art. 

And I will continue to talk about: all aspects of before/during/after healing; the process of healing; how it all actually works; how to know when you’re ready to heal; all things energy, spirituality, science, and all the other geeky stuff I love!

I only write about things that are meaningful and that I believe offer value to you. If I think it’s not worth saying, it doesn’t get said/written.

This is the direction of my work. I’m witnessing the evolution of all this. it’s pretty cool!

Want to keep in touch? I send out a weekly email letter. You can sign up here and also get my free Shitty Day Emergency Kit. It takes you through 3 proven steps to manage emotional triggers in the moment so they don’t derail you and make your day even shittier.


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