Healing my own Motherhood Story (& how healing works)

I’ve been asked how does healing actually work? I had a personal experience with my healing process and I share it in the video below.

Being a mom was always something I had to work really hard at. It didn’t come naturally to me. It wasn’t instinctual and easy. I struggled with post partum depression, regular depression, and never felt like a good mom. In fact, I believed I was the worst mom in the world.

Until something happened that made me give up and ask a different question. I gave up the fight and the need to validate my own worldview and my own belief systems which, obviously, weren’t working for me at all. I also asked for help and that led to a complete shift in my motherhood experience. I was able to forgive myself, step into profound love, clarity and knowing that I can do this. I can be the best mom! And I am.


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