What does it mean to feel safe?

Kasia Rachfall Safety Comfort ZoneHave you ever seen that graphic that says everything you want is outside of your comfort zone? That  may work for some people but it doesn’t work for me! It freaks me out and paralyzes me into doing nothing. It certainly doesn’t motivate me to go for it. But I found something that does motivate me and I actually get more done faster doing it this way.

Here is my video about it.

Notes at a glance:

In order for change to stick I need to feel safe. Some people are ok launching themselves out of their comfort zone, that’s not me. When I realized this and gave myself permission to do it my own way, I moved way faster. My friend always says, “Slow Down, You’ll Go Faster.”

What kind of safety am I talking about? Not physical safety. An emotional, spiritual, delicious feeling safety that I’m on track, doing what I’m meant to be doing, and everything is working out for me. 

I began this practice by cultivating safety inside myself in everything I did. If I didn’t’ feel emotionally and spiritually ok, I went back into where I did feel of and safe. It felt like I was going backwards sometimes. But I learned to trust myself more through this process. In the end it did go faster.

Now when I work with my clients we focus on safety first. We figure out what that means to them and how to implement it in their life.

Are you finding yourself struggling with emotional triggers? Jump on a 20 min free call with me and let’s chat about how you can get let them go.


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