Questions Are the Answer

I used to seek answers all the time. Usually to questions such as why is my life so hard? What’s the matter with me? Why can’t I just figure this out and be happy? (I should be happy because my life really is good). Where am I broken and what needs to be fixed next?

I was a perpetual course taker and student of anything I could get my hands on that would explain me to myself. In the process I learned some really cool stuff but it didn’t fully help me fill the empty hole that I continued to feel. But some questions lead to self sabotage instead to growth. I think that was my biggest lesson.

Last week I shared my most shameful story (I decided to just record the video of me telling it instead of waiting for the video from the Story Telling Tuesday event where I did it on stage). Besides, I have even more insight into it now and wanted to share that, too.

I’ve been getting questions about how I finally got to the place where I was able to shift out of pain, shame, and resignation into hope, healing, and a the freedom from those old emotional triggers.

Kasia Rachfall questions are the answerThe answer is I stopped looking for answers and I started asking better questions.

The ONE thing that I’ve always done, the thing that has made the difference in my life and caused the most progress, has been asking questions. (Thanks to a dear friend for helping me see that).

Even though my questions weren’t always powerful and led me into some tangents, I was always willing to keep asking anyway. And I was always, always willing to answer them honestly.

I looked in the ugly, dark places no matter what was there. Sometimes I found shit that was dark and ugly and often I simply found unhealed pain.

Asking those questions, even the bad ones, helped me to refine and learn to ask the powerful, really amazing ones that my soul had always been whispering to me that I wasn’t ready to hear before.

When I started listening to my soul and my source guidance and intuition, I was led to ask myself better questions.

The gift I had was refined and I healed. It’s always been easy for me to ask others powerful questions because I wasn’t the one sitting in their stuff. I was only shining a light on the stuff they needed to notice. I wasn’t always aware of what I needed to notice inside myself.

Now I am simply the voice that my Soul uses to speak the question. And I am the space holder that Source uses to bring truth and healing out of those courageous beings who are ready to finish healing and also be free of their emotional pain and struggle.  

There is an art to asking questions because the quality of the question you ask dictates the quality of the answer you receive.

I’m currently writing and illustrating a work titled Questions are the Answer: A Treasure Map to Truth. It’s all about asking the right questions that lead you to truth, healing and possibilities. As soon as it’s ready, you’ll be the first to know!

Since healing my own pain and shame the voice of my intuition has grown in strength and clarity. I’m able to help others even faster to finish healing from their own emotional pain and struggle. I love to work with women and men who have tried everything to get over and through challenges and problems and are so ready to break through the pain that they can’t go one more day feeling shitty and sad and resigned. When they’re so satiated with pain and hurt, that’s when the healing can be incredibly quick! Faster than they’ve ever thought possible! In the sacred space that I hold for my clients, they cross the bridge to a life without that pain, and emerge on the others side more clear, more focused, and free!

To see if working with me is a good fit you can book a 20 min free Let’s Chat call with me.


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