The Price of Not Listening to Intuition

That little whisper in our heart that says quietly “here, go this way…” But we don’t fully hear it or we don’t yet know how to trust it, so we follow an idea or a thought that “sounds better.”

Only that other thought or idea probably came from our conditioned past, someone who we think knows better, or someone we trust more than ourselves.

And in many cases it’s not that big of a deal that we didn’t hear our intuition. The world won’t stop turning. We don’t always immediately feel the aftershocks of not listening. But what happens when we follow the “better idea” time and time again?

The aftershocks add up.

Over time, we get so far off the path, get overwhelmed, emotionally triggered, and we trust ourselves even less.

What path? The one that is the shortest distance between where we are and where we want to be.

Soul Memo Listen to IntuitionYou see, our Intuition is the voice of our Soul. And it always tells us things that are for our highest good and the quickest path to get there. Not listening to our intuition means we take a longer path. And we learn some painful lessons along the way.

I know. I’ve done it the hard way so many times! I still don’t always listen to my Soul’s voice!

The good news is, our intuition always whispers to us and always sends us course corrections. The trick is learning to listen to it instead of all those “better sounding ideas.”

I’ve been exploring clarity a lot over the last few months and blog posts. I know that to get more clear it’s best to start in a place where you’re already clear.

So what do we do when we realize that the idea/project/direction we’re working towards turned out not to be what our Intuition would have advised?

Like I said, it’s not the end of the world. It may feel like pushing a boulder up hill and our emotions may be running wild more often. But you can get back on track with your Intuition’s help and get back to doing the things you’re meant to be doing with clarity, focus and passion.

You simply deliver on what you promised to deliver for that “better sounding idea” and then you decide to stop putting energy into it. This can mean you cut your losses before you move on. Yes, it may appear as lost resources and energy, but in truth they weren’t. You learned to discern your Intuition more clearly.

I have bumped into this so many times! Sometimes it was because I didn’t trust my Soul’s whispers, sometimes it was because I felt not good enough or worthy to receive the brilliant Soul idea, and sometimes it was because I listened to someone who I trusted and who I thought knew more.

My husband and I once jumped into a business deal that led to us losing pretty much everything because we both didn’t listen to our Souls. We listened to the voice of ego, smooth talking, neediness, and greed. Yup, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It took us years to finish dealing with that decision and finally get back onto the path of where our Intuition was leading us. It was hard and emotional. But we learned amazing things. It wasn’t a waste because we chose to learn and listen more closely next time.

We learned to trust ourselves more and we learned gratitude.

Had we listened in the first place I firmly believe we would have made different choices. Not necessarily without lessons, but I think lessons that our Soul leads us to hurt less than the Frying Pan to the Head approach that lessons from not listening teach us.

That’s the ultimate price you end up paying for not listening to your Soul in the first place. You end up somewhere where you don’t really want to be, usually feeling pretty crappy and beat up.

But if you pick out the lessons and take them in, gnaw on them until you get them, then you’re golden.

If you don’t learn from those experiences, they are bound to show up as shiny, new, “better sounding ideas” again and you repeat the experience until you do learn.

I get to help my clients uncover those lessons and finish healing from the pain and frustration. (Wanna know how? You can learn more here.

What do you think? Do you think there is a price to pay for not listening to our Intuition? Do we learn differently when we do listen?


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