Key Component to Flow: Forgiveness

There is an important part of the journey into Flow where you’re invited to forgive yourself for being in resistance in the first place.

Let’s unpack this. Here’s a truth bomb: I conditionally love myself.

Boom…There it is.

I love myself a LOT more than I used to. A LOT! But there are places where I still don’t love myself 100%.

Where do you stand on this? Do you resist loving yourself fully? How do you even know?

What does self love have to do with being in Flow? Everything.

Here’s the way it works together.

When you’re realize you’re in resistance and that it’s possible to be in Flow, it can be very exciting. All of a sudden you get a taste of what it’s like to have stuff working out, to feel clear and focused, to get the results you want, to have your ducks lining up. And then something happens that reminds you of where you’re still in resistance.

Really?! Am I still here? How do you react? Or do you respond, instead?

What does this look like in real life? Let me share from my own recent experience.

Since fully claiming my gift of helping successful, ambitious souls get out of resistance and into Flow, I have been super purposeful and excited. I have had lots to say about the topic, have been sharing on my social media, blogging every week, writing to you every week.

And I said that I would unveil an awesome tool last week that would help you get into Flow more easily in your life. I love this tool and I know it helps pinpoint exactly where there is resistance and brings more clarity and focus on what step is next. I’ve had many collectors tell me so.

But I didn’t unveil it. Because I got sick again and spent the week super lethargic and not doing much. Now I know that colds come around and all that, but this is a pattern I’ve run in my life. I get into the Flow, the momentum builds and I somehow self-sabotage it.

And this is where we come to the self love part. I didn’t allow my inner critic to yell at me and call me names. Win for me! But what I did do is disallow myself to enjoy myself and have fun. The pattern has shifted from beating the crap out of myself to having a more passive punishment system of conditional love for myself.

My inner dialogue went something like this:

“Oh, I didn’t do the work I said I would do? Ok, then I don’t deserve to enjoy this time with my kids and my husband this weekend. I should feel bad. Because what kind of person would have fun knowing that they didn’t do enough?”

The crazy thing is that I didn’t realize what I was saying to myself until one of my mentors asked me this question:

Where do you conditionally love yourself?Soul Memo Where do you conditionally love yourself?

I got so excited! Because when I answered this question I was pointed straight at my truth: I conditionally love myself.

You see, when we are coming out of resistance, we need to forgive ourselves that we were in resistance in the first place.

It’s habitual to get down on ourselves about all the stuff we could have/should have known better and done better. Yes, the delicious pull of the new Flow is great and amazing and it feels good. But those old habits, stories, and ways of treating ourselves always don’t go away so easily.

We need to consciously forgive ourselves for all those ways in which we weren’t good enough for ourselves. This can be very difficult because we really need to give ourselves permission to become the person who lets that kind of shit go. To become the person who gives themselves permission to have fun despite feeling like she didn’t do enough work.

This self sabotage pattern has been the biggest gift for me. Because it pointed exactly at where I was resisting loving myself more. It showed me a new depth to the gift I have to identify resistance, work through it and get into Flow.

So here it is: the tool I created that points to where you have resistance in your life and where you can take the steps to get into Flow. I call it the Soul Tattoo and it’s an intuitively painted art piece. I tune into your energy and channel the truth for you. I paint it and write the channeled statement of truth for you. Because truth gives you more clarity and more choice about to what step to take next.

This means you can deliberately create and end up where you want to be.

This is work I profoundly love and engage with in a deep energetic way. In honour of the collaboration of our energies and the time it takes me to create these intuitively painted art pieces, I have space for only ten Soul Tattoos per month. Ready to have your own Soul Tattoo painted? Click here to save your spot.


2 responses to “Key Component to Flow: Forgiveness

  1. Great post! I appreciate your message, your work and your wisdom.. So glad to hear you got into your flow and you are loving yourself more and more. Thank you!

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