What If You Told Your Most Shameful Story?

I used to only write when I felt I had something of value to say. I see no point in filling up your space with fluff. Your time is precious and so is mine.

Recently, however, I’ve had some clarity about clarity. And sharing stories.

And it all started when I told my most shameful story.

In Public.

And the world didn’t end.

In fact, people were inspired and told me how much they had felt the same things in their lives. They told me how courageous and beautiful it was that I shared so deeply. (I’m waiting for the recording of my talk so I can share it with you).

I realized that there is nothing so shameful that it needs to be kept hidden and locked away, rotting inside us.

But it depends on how you tell the story.

If told from a place of clarity, empowerment and flow, all stories inspire and connect.

There are two perspectives to every story…the one where we are the victim and the one where we are the empowered hero.

I’ve learned that everything in life happens for us, not to us. When I shifted to this powerful perspective I stopped being a victim and became capable and empowered. It was quite a journey.

Did everything change to rainbows and unicorns? Hell no!

Did all my victim stories magically vanish? Not even close!

But I was able to find the lessons and strengths in my challenging stories instead of thinking that I was broken, lacking in some way, or resisting my own growth.

When I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Story Telling Tuesday event hosted by the Kelowna Balance Well-Being Centre, I knew which personal story I wanted to share.

It was a story that I had felt deep shame about and had been afraid to tell because I was scared of judgement, ridicule, and rejection. (I came to realize that I could judge, ridicule and reject myself better than anyone else could).

I sat with the clarity of what I already knew. The details of what I had felt and the steps I took to get home through that old story.

The truth about clarity is that it vibrates differently from confusion, questioning, or not knowing. I knew that when looking for direction and for my an answer I couldn’t sit in the energy of my questions.

I sat in the clarity of what I wanted to say. I took my time to be honest about what I had learned and what this experience and all my perceived limitations had brought to me. How it had enriched me and helped me grow. I was brutally honest and looked in the dark places. The light that came through shone exactly on the empowerment that I am now living from. And my talk came together easily.

Kasia Rachfall, speaker at Story Telling TuesdayThe story I told was about how I had felt unworthy of my own life for over 3 decades. I had been ready to finish healing from this and sharing my story was just the healing I needed.

There are some stories that we’re not ready to heal from yet. But healing can happen faster than you think for the ones you are ready to heal from.

Starting in a place of clarity is an important step.
Being honest is another step.
Being willing to be the person who no longer lives that story is also necessary.

When you’re ready to finish healing from an old story, asking a quality question will lead you to a quality answer.

One of my favourite tools to use when wanting an honest answer about where I am resisting healing are my tarot and oracle cards. I love to do a reading for myself because it is an honest reflection of what I need to know most about myself and/or situation.

I designed the Self Reflection Deck in collaboration with the energy of men and women who were ready for clarity and open for the truth. The bold, colourful energy art and high resonance messages offer a candid compass to your truth and where you are resisting your flow. Using this self reflection tool is a fabulous way to orient yourself towards the answer and healing.

You can simply pull one card any time you have a question or use it in traditional reading spreads. To read more about the Self Reflection Deck you can click here.


2 responses to “What If You Told Your Most Shameful Story?

  1. Your story is raw, real and empowering! Starting in a place of clarity, being honest and willing are three big steps in the healing process. Thank you for sharing so openly Kasia.

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