My Etsy Shop Is Open

Courage is funny. It’s easy to have it in some things and in others it completely eludes me. I’ve always been courageous in looking inside myself for answers but not when it comes to taking action on some big dreams.

I used to compare myself to others who appeared more courageous than me. I flogged myself for not having the gumption to just go for it and do shit I wanted to do.

The first step was self forgiveness. It’s really ok that I am not perfect and that I take my time with stuff. There is no race and nothing to prove.

www.kasiarachfall.etsy.comThe second step was to cultivate states of feeling really safe and comfortable within myself. Emotional and spiritual safety of being myself. Feeling safe pushing my comfort zone. Feeling safe taking the smallest of steps and knowing that’s enough.

So now, step three is doing the work. The mantra in my heart is “I don’t have to make it perfect, I just want to do it!”

This year, more than any time before, I am intentionally and deliberately choosing the work I do. The fruits of my self forgiveness, nurturing, being brave, and being myself have gathered momentum. I’ve had a lot of support from others, too.

I just celebrated my birthday and the grand opening of my Etsy Shop!

It was such a scary and exhilarating experience! And now it’s no longer scary. It’s true that courage comes after the fact.


I invite you to check it out! Here is the link


6 responses to “My Etsy Shop Is Open

  1. Bravo my dear friend and soul sister. You are a gift to all those you touch and your courage, growth and vulnerability inspire me. I’m soooo proud of you Kasia, and fully support all your steps in this wondrous journey. I feel blessed to have a space on your path. Being witness to your evolution IS the reward. Thank you for your powerful example. Sending you love and gratitude. ❤️ xxoo Rick

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