From Belief and Understanding to Knowing and Trusting

A Sioux quote states that the longest journey we make is from our head to our hearts. I would add another dimension of this journey is from understanding and believing to knowing and trusting.

I began my spiritual journey much like many of you…I had a dark night of the Soul. I was thirsting for something other than antidepressants that would help me claw out of my post partum depression. I found Dr Wayne Dyer. I didn’t understand most of his teachings at first. Intention? Observer? Vibration? None of it made much sense and yet I felt the pull of all that knowledge. I read more of his work, listened to his CDs, even went to see him speak and slowly I got to an intellectual understanding.

As I learned more I tried practicing some of the things he talked but found it really difficult. My intellectual understanding was like memorizing a math formula and then regurgitating it on a test rather than applying it. It was progress but it was limited and I gave up on taking action when I didn’t see the evidence materialize in my life.

I was often frustrated and bought into the belief that I was some sort of loser who wasn’t worthy of any of the wonderful things he stated could be potential results. I still struggled financially and emotionally and I often desperately wanted to escape my own life. I still wasn’t grasping how I created my life to be this way and why because I was failing miserably at un-creating it.

But I didn’t give up.

I continued to study, learn, read, and dive ever into deeper into consciousness, energy, vibration and other concepts. I really wanted to believe and to see it work for me. I’m pretty convinced that because I surrounded myself by this information all the time I began to believe more and more that this is how the universe actually worked:

  • What Abraham Hicks described as the Vortex made so much sense. I could understand the mechanics of it.
  • What my meditation teacher described as brain waves and frequencies added up with what Dr David Hawkins said about levels of consciousness and vibration.
  • Scientifically it all made sense. It was as if, through my study, I had been convinced that the earth was, in fact, round and not flat.

It was still only the beginning levels of belief, so, would I stake my head on it? Hmmmm….nope!

I often ask myself what is the difference that makes the difference in our lives?

What took me from the frustrating belief that I was the only loser to whom this stuff didn’t apply to the place where it all finally clicked and started working and created momentum?

I had studied and believed for so long that all this stuff worked. I had seen it work for other people. I had seen it work for the clients I coached and did NLP work with. Most recently I had seen it transform the lives of my intuitive energy art collectors. My clients were able to forgive themselves and others, quit smoking, get out of bed in the morning, set goals and work towards them, make more money, believe in themselves again, start up new routines and stick to them, and create change!

But I wasn’t seeing the same results in my own life!

For me, the difference that made the difference, and continues to do so, is the courage and willingness to keep going. Even though sometimes I felt like a lower life form who couldn’t do anything except fail, I was always willing to look deeper and further inside myself and learn more and study deeper for that nugget that would help me break through.

It has been my unending thirst for figuring this stuff out that finally got me to see and hear clearly.

The secret lay in doing the work. Which is what I had been half assing the whole time and that’s why I kept failing.

You see, I would learn something, implement some of it for a while, but then stop when my life didn’t change enough. I kept expecting the overnight success and the magic but it would  never come. All overnight successes are a long time (usually years) in the making – it took me a while to get that memo!

The reason my clients were getting results is because they did the work. They not only believed they could change, but they did the work to change. I know, because I was there to keep them accountable and cheer them on!

For a long time I didn’t believe I was worthy of change. Once I finally found and cleared this belief I got to a place of knowing that I am worthy. It was beyond believing. It was trusting. I felt the love of Source in me and flowing through me and I knew that I was loved. I had made the journey from belief to knowing by doing the work.

Actually implementing what I knew all the time, not just half assing it, is the difference that made the difference. It helped me attract amazing mentors. It helped me hone my intuition and hear inspired action so much better and clearer. And I finally began to realize the results in my life that I had wanted.

Cycle of Believing to Knowing, Intuitive Energy Artist Kasia

Cycle of Believing to Knowing

This is how it worked for me. This isn’t the only way. For some of you the journey may be shorter and may include a quantum leap or two. Now I am experiencing leaps too! But the key continues to be persevere and doing the effective work. Keep up the rituals, habits, and inspired actions that keep me from backsliding.

When I map out my journey it looks like this: This is what it took for me to get from understanding something to knowing it in my heart and living my life from that trusting place.

**Progress only happens if you truly do the work, otherwise you spin your wheels and stay frustrated.

**Creation and real momentum comes from actually doing the work at all times, not half assing it.

**Following inspired action immediately and without question leads to higher vibration, higher consciousness and manifestation. 

How do you get from Understanding and Belief to Knowing and Trusting? I’d love to know.


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