Annual Themes – they really work!

Every year I choose a theme word or idea. Each year it plays a part in my choices and actions, even in ways that I am not always conscious of.

In 2014 my theme was Community. My husband and I moved our family to Kelowna, BC, and fell in love with the vibrant, supportive and amazing community that we have connected with here. Tons of true friends, a supportive and beautiful homschooling and arts community, a growing and authentic business community, and so much more!

In 2015 I chose the theme Expansion. And it was! Last year was the most challenging and the most growth filled year I have experienced in my 37 years so far. More on that in another post coming soon. I am still unravelling and unpacking how I shifted and expanded. I have so much to be grateful for and I will share it with you soon.

Intuitive Energy Artist Kasia painting GroundedMy 2016 theme is Inspired Action.

The main reason why I haven’t always succeeded in everything I’ve done is because I would stop taking inspired action and instead focus on busy work that felt safer and easier but would inevitably lead to nowhere. I would never fully implement what I knew. Realizing this and naming it and forgiving myself for it has been transformational. This new year is all about deliberate and intentional creation and inspired action.

I have changed and implemented a lot of things this month already and have felt the familiar stirrings of fears but they no longer paralyse me. I feel safe navigating them because I not only know how to work with this fear, I am actually doing the work!! And trusting Not just thinking about it and talking about it. It feels great to be going somewhere (even slowly) instead of going nowhere fast!

Do you choose a theme for the year? I want to hear your themes and your stories of how they have driven your life.

Intuitive Energy Artist Kasia painting Grounded


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