The Art of the Body’s Language

The body is an instrument of Source – a very wise and headstrong instrument. And if we only take the time to listen to it, we will be much better off!

I’ve been very ill since my life-choosing moment last month. I wrote about it here. I have been feeling reborn and excited about life like I never thought possible! I remember what it was like to feel angry at being alive and the contrast of how I feel now is really hard to explain. I find it hard to believe that I use to feel that old way and took life for granted, but it’s the old truth. And I’m paying for it now!

My body is in healing crisis because it’s detoxing and healing from all the old beliefs and ways of being. I wasn’t expecting this loss of physical strength and energy . I wasn’t expecting to be forced to slow down and really nurture myself. I thought I was doing pretty good in the taking care of myself department. I have since learned that I can improve. A lot!

The body has been speaking to me for many years about how unhappy it was with some of my choices. I always told myself I didn’t understand the body’s language so I couldn’t do anything about it. Now I am in full immersion of learning this language and it’s not as hard as I thought! I am understanding what the body is communicating and when I listen to it we are both happy.

Source speaks to us through the body. First, I believe, it speaks through emotions. If we don’t listen and feel and process those emotions the body keeps them. Once the body has had enough and can’t take anymore it gets sick. That’s when we have no choice but to listen. Even though I have been feeling and processing for so many years I wasn’t making headway until I broke through that massive milestone I wrote about last month. My body is now asking me to process the backlog of everything. So I am.

I’ve slowed way down to give the body time to heal. I have been painting here and there, mostly to finish commissions that my clients were waiting for. I have been collaborating on projects with some amazing people, too.

I’m in awe at how Source is guiding my art forward without much effort from me. I haven’t been able to put the effort in because I’ve been so sick, yet things keep happening. It’s a big lesson to learn for me. Trust Source and listen to my intuition. That’s my work. The rest falls into place. Soul Painting + Reading
A new project I am working on came out of a conversation with a lovely client: intuitively painted small originals with readings included. She wants several of them made as Christmas gifts for her loved ones. She wanted a gift that would have meaning and be long lasting and memorable and the Soul Story + Reading was born. I love this project. It’s filling me up with joy!


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