The Healing Art of Powerful Questions

I was the keynote speaker at one of our most dynamic women’s networking groups in Kelowna recently. The Babes in Business group is all about collaboration and support. Although I had done a lot of public speaking over the years I was very nervous about this particular talk. I think it’s because I had decided not to take the safe road but to dive in and really share from my heart.

I talked about the art of powerful questions and language and how questions have weaved my story especially since one powerful question shook me awake over 13 years ago. The topic of questions is so big and tall and there is so much science behind it and I could have talked about just that. I’m passionate about the power of language and love knowing the science but I didn’t want to talk science. That would have been the safe road. I dove in and spoke about how questions help raise our vibration and shared my story of how I arrived at intuitive art. My art is an inspired extension; an innovation in the work I’ve always done with clients: Lead them back to themselves.

I have a background in coaching, energy flow and healing, NLP, Transpersonal Psychology, Reiki, Thought Field Therapy, and other modalities. I have all kinds of letter behind my name. I’ve been studying consciousness and language for the past 13 years since I was shaken awake by a powerful question that transformed my world.

I had extreme post partum depression after my second baby was born and I felt like the victim in my own life. Why am I not happy? Why? Why? I have this beautiful family! What’s wrong with me? Why? That was the dominant self talk for me and it led me to a very dark place. Thankfully I heard the voice of Source that told me I had created this darkness and I could uncreate it. A few days later my mom asked me in a conversation

“How can you contribute to your own happiness?”

Whoa!!! You mean I can do that!? How can I contribute to my own happiness?

Mind blown. Tracks changed. New route. All aboard!

I learned that the quality of the questions you ask dictate the quality of the answer you receive.

Language gives us the tool to speak about detailed and abastract ideas. We can ask questions that keep us stuck exactly where we are or we can ask questions that will shift our energy and take us in a new direction. We’ve all heard Einstein’s quote that we can’t solve a problem with the same energy level that created it.

So what’s the key to changing your energy level in a way that you become more open to the solution? You shift your vibration. It’s what that question did for me. There is a lot science behind why this works and volumes have been written about it. The simple answer to this is that you shift your vibration back to love. When we are stuck or hurting we need more love, not less. A powerful question is like a power tool that helps you get back to love quicker than some other tools.

When I was asking myself “why am I not happy?” I was going around in circles. As soon as I considered a question that put me on the tracks of being responsible for loving myself more I shifted my vibration into a more loving level. It didn’t solve the problem completely but it opened up possibilities. And that’s the key: I shifted my perspective with a powerful question that helped me shift my vibration.

If you believe, like I used to, that the solution lies outside of you, you will often look for love outside of yourself. Yet nothing and no one has the power to give you exactly the love you want and need except you. Often we deny ourselves that love and so we keep finding ourselves in circumstances that point out exactly where we need to love ourselves most. But we keep asking questions such as why and that keeps us stuck.

All you need is a crack for love to enter. In order to slow down your mind enough and remember this consciously when we’re up against an obstacle we need a powerful tool to remind you to ask a powerful question.

Imagine always remembering to ask questions that actually lead you off the hamster wheel into the realm of possible solutions. My favourite questions are:

How can I love myself more in this moment?

What is the next most loving step that I can take for myself?

How can I contribute to the solution?

In essence, your powerful questions are always pointing to the solutions you wish to find. They’re not about problems or the past but rather the present moment because that’s where the shift can happen. When you can honestly and sincerely love what arises you can love yourself more. This means you don’t sugar coat how you’re feeling for yourself, you are simply loving yourself as you’re feeling all emotions. Even if you’re feeling a negative emotion you still love yourself while you’re feeling it. You love yourself through it all and when you remember to do that you are led by your intuition to the next best course of action. It may be completely counter-intuitive but if you trust it and follow it, it will resolve your problem faster and more effectively.

As I practised loving myself more I found myself with such a counter-intuitive answer. I had always done art as a fun hobby when I had time. But while doing energy flow sessions with clients I began seeing full images instead of just seeing energy swirls and colours. It surprised me and fascinated me. Those images wouldn’t leave me alone and I began painting and drawing them. It led me to develop a new and very visual tool to help myself and my clients come back to love faster. I transitioned out of NLP coaching and energy healing into creating intuitive art for clients and I haven’t looked back.

The art I create serves as a reminder and a focus point to bring you back to centre. It invites you to stop and remember that you are meant to love yourself more, not less, at every moment. Especially when you are facing an obstacle. My art is a tool that works in your personal and professional life and it helps you amplify the power of all the other work that you already do like coaching, journaling, questions, etc.

Because the art is a mirror and a reminder. It brings you back home to yourself and begs you to ask the questions:

How can I love myself more in this moment?

It reminds you to sop and really feel into the answer. And then take the inspired action that follows. You will be amazed at how things more along in unexpected ways.

I felt exhilarated and raw at the end of that talk. I felt like I had opened up every door for the women I was speaking to to peek into. And I felt their love and support and understanding. I decided to share the content of this talk with the world. I love language and questions and I am so grateful that they have led me to the work I do now in art. My willingness and courage to ask for the answers and be honest with myself have opened up my life to me and brought me to this powerful work:

I create art based on the energy I perceive around people. The art helps them to remember to love themselves more.

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