Generational and Community Art

I’ve come out of my closet that I thought I would stay in forever. Haha! Never say never, right? I said I would never hang my art in a gallery or even have anything to do with a gallery. Well, that changed because I decided that art is art and any vehicle to put art out there for the world to enjoy is a good one.

The Lake Country Art Gallery recently had two fun art collaborations that I just had to be part of! And I got to include my children in the projects, too.

The first one was an Intergenerational Exhibition. We had to create a piece of art that was worked on by more than Generational Pojectone generation. It was an interesting process for the kids and I. We sat down to plan it out and sketch first. I decided that I would simply collaborate and not direct this one. The kids decided that the painting would be a tree and have some leaves and shapes. They chose the colours and did the first few coats of paint. I sketched the rough shape onto the canvas and then just touched up the paint and put on the finishing lines. We all signed it and took a trip to the Art Gallery to deliver it. The kids were pleasantly surprised that ours was not the only tree! There were many other works with trees in this exhibition. A tree is such a beautiful symbol of family and generations.

My daughter and I joined in on the 20th anniversary of Lake Country Community Mural painting. I’ve always

Lake Country Mural

Lake Country Mural

wanted to be part of a project like this! The mural picture was designed and then divided into a whole bunch of squares. The colours were pre-mixed and we received our panels and paints along with a small copy of the panel we were to paint.

Kaitlyn and I both received a panel from the tree section of the mural so our panels had to be mostly green but there were no restrictions on what we could paint.

Here is Kaitlyn’s panel:

Kaitlyn's Panel

Kaitlyns Panel

And here is my panel:

My Panel

My Panel

Both experiences were very enriching and fun for me and the kids. My horizons were broadened to the infinite possibilities of how art can add to my life and the lives of others. My own clarity of why I create art has been sharpened, too.


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