Sharing Art with the Babes

I belong to a fantastic networking group in Kelowna called BABES in Business. The name stands for Bold Authentic Businesswomen with Exceptional Standards in Business. It’s a place where every woman can be herself and can count on support and collaboration. The founder, Jenn Kyllo, loves to say that girls compete and women collaborate.

I am they keynote speaker at this month’s meeting. I am speaking about the power of questions and what my favourite questions are. I have a background in linguistics and transpersonal psychology and I use language as a tool for transformation all the time. I am sharing with the women how they can also use the power of questions to love themselves more and create transformation in their personal and professional lives. I will post the details of my keynote in my next blog post.

In addition to being the speaker I have the honour of sponsoring the new members who joined in March. I decided to gift each member with an intuitive artist trading card! These little cards (ATCs) have been such an instrumental part of my growth as an artist. I have sent them all over the world and have received amazing and heartfelt feedback from collectors about how the cards have impacted their lives. I even received a beautiful, hand knitted scarf from one of my collectors as a thank you.

In order to create the ATCs I tuned into the name of each of the new members and painted the image I received. The title of each card is also an integral part of the artwork. Here are the six that I created for our new members. They are titled as follows from left to right:IMAG2502

Details; Release Attachments; Stillness

Unstoppable; Fertile Growth, Dream

You can commission your own ATC here. It’s an affordable way to invest in my original, intuitive art. I tune into the energy of your name and paint the image I receive, then I mail you the card.

Or, if you like the images on any of these cards or the many ATCs I’ve already painted, you can order art cards, mugs, and journals with your favourite image. Check out my gallery of images here. Place your order here.


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