Painting “I Am The Same”

I had a deep realization that inspired this painting. My big vision and dream is to paint the energy of women and men who are leading edge and emerging thought leaders. They are individuals who know who they are and are unapologetically themselves, no matter what the circumstances. They are connected to themselves and love themselves fully so that they can also love others fully.

As I was sharing this vision with a friend she said to me “You must realize that you are no different than these people you want to paint.”

That statement gave me pause and as it sank in I knew she was right. We are never different than that which we want, only our perceptions and fears keep us stuck thinking that we are different, not enough, or whatever.

I Am The Same, 12x12, Acrylic on Canvas, prints availableI went from believing that I am the same as everything to knowing it more. This painting is an interpretation of the energy of that knowing. It’s warm and vibrant and dynamic.

It is available for purchase as a canvas giclee print here.



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