Energy of the Month

Art is such a funny thing. Who really knows where it comes from? Why is anyone compelled to be an artist? I’ve been contemplating art and where my art comes from. I’m in love with the creation process. No matter how a particular piece turns out there is something so magical about creating images on a blank paper or canvas.

Everything that is here was first an idea that was heard by someone and they were inspired by it to take action. The universe creates itself and experiences itself as it creates. That’s pure magic.

I heard an idea towards the end of last year and knew it was something I had to take action on!

Mometum Begins, 2015, 11x14, Acrylic on Canvas, Giclees Available

Mometum Begins, 2015, 11×14, Acrylic on Canvas, Giclees Available

At the beginning of each month I tune into the energy of that month and paint the image I receive. January’s image was Momentum Begins and February’s is called Alignment. I am still finishing up February’s but here is a sneak peak:

Sneak Peak of February's Energy

Sneak Peak of February’s Energy







I’m in awe of the art that comes through me. I’ve come to think of it as commissions from Universe and I’m honoured to paint them.

I also paint commissions of the energy of people, animals, and relationships such as families. I tune into your energy and paint the image I receive. You can hire me here.


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