30 Day Art Challenge

I stumbled upon an artist’s website late last year that mentioned a creativity challenge. She had painted a painting a day for an entire month. It had pushed her, stretched her, made her try new things. She said she had loved the experience. Zentangle challenge

I loved the idea and decided I was going to do my own 30 day creativity challenge. Instead of painting each day, however, I decided to try my hand at Zentangles. I had seen them on Pinterest and had even taken out a library book about them but had not actually sat down to draw one. IMG_20150114_121125

What a crazy challenge Zentangles are!

They look simple and are definitely fun, but they are difficult! I have a whole Pinterest board full of Zentangle ideas and I’ve been choosing one a day to draw. I started out with an ink pen and found that I didn’t have enough control in my stroke. I then tried a ball point pen and that felt a bit better. Now I am using pencil because that not only feels the best there is also the safety of the eraser!

My first attempts are shaky and, in my opinion, not very good. As I practice a new doodle pattern daily, however, I am getting more sure about what I’m drawing.

I love the idea of being creative every day. I don’t always paint every day but this way I can still draw something. I plan on continuing monthly challenges and have been collecting ideas.

Trying some different shapes.

Trying some different shapes.


My first 2 Zentangles


Zentangling gets easier with practice.








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