The Sticky Note System

There’s a really simple system that I learned a year and a half ago that I’ve been using ever since to keep all the stuff in my head organized and out of my head. It allows me to see the progress I have made on all the projects, ideas, to do items and things I have going on. It’s as close to instant gratification as it gets for us visual people and our to do list!

And all you need are sticky notes and a wall, or if you have one, a white board.

Sticky Note SystemHere is a picture of my board from 2014. As you can see, I use my white board AND my wall because I ran out of space on my board. It is hanging on a wall of my studio so I can keep track of it and see it easily.

How it works: You divide the board (or wall) into three parts. The left side is the To Do side. I called mine the Vortex after Abraham Hicks’ concept of the Vortex. Everything I want is already in there, my work is to align with it, and allow Universe to bring it to me.

The middle section is What You’re Working On Today. I called it Inspired Action because although it all must get done at some point, I do my best to only work on that which I am inspired to work on that day. It’s important to make the space every day to work on your work no matter what else is going on. As a mom I know how busy life can get with kids, groceries, cooking and all that stuff. My family is important and my work is too, so showing up to do it is crucial.

The right side is the Completed Projects. Simple.

What You Do: Make a list of all your projects and to do items and write each one on a sticky note. Stick them all on the Vortex side. As you begin your work day take a look and decide what you are working on that day. Choose that sticky note and move it to the middle Inspired Action section. If you complete that item that day then move it to the Completed Projects side. If you don’t complete it you can either leave it in the Inspired Action for the next work day or move it back to the Vortex section.

Sometimes a project has several components to it and you can only work on one of them at a time and then wait for the others to come together. You can chunk down a project into several sticky notes if you want. When you complete work on it for the day and you have come as far as you can, moving the sticky note back into the Vortex side puts it back into the Universe’s hands until it’s time to work on it again.

Today I organized all the remaining projects I had from 2014 and took off all the Completed Projects from my board and wall. It’s quite a pile! That pile of sticky notes is all the things I did, created, and manifested last year. It feels amazing to hold that pile in my hand knowing I did that!

Some projects that no longer fit with my path I took off the board completely. Some I left on and will work on them this year. I also added a bunch of new ones based on my current direction. I’ve even already completed a few!

2015 ProjectsThis is a pic of my newly organized 2015 Sticky Note board.

As I work through projects and develop momentum in this new year I will change, add or remove sticky notes. It’s a system that works well for me. I hope you give it a try.


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