Painting My Vision

I was inspired to paint the energy of my vision. My big vision is something I’ve felt for a long time but was really scared to even look at. It felt SO big and overwhelming that I couldn’t take it all in. So I sat with the feeling for months. I decided I would allow myself to become the person who would fulfil that vision. Well, I came to the place where I could paint it and not just on a tiny card, I painted a 16×20 canvas! That’s as big as I’ve painted so far.

I followed the same process I use when creating art: I get quiet and still, my mind gets out of the way, and I set my intention to receive an image of a certain energy. The image had actually been calling to me gently and I had pieces of it floating around already. I got those down on canvas quickly and then was swept up in a rush of excitement and liberation. I had so many ahas as I painted! I learned a lot about myself.

I felt this amazing desire to just scribble and slap paint around and feel the moment as it was happening. I let go of my need to be organized and proper in that moment and just painted! I went for it! The colours didn’t make sense, the shapes didn’t make sense, and there were definitely no lines to colour in between. But it’s what wanted to come out of me! I was completely flying by the seat of my pants and it didn’t matter one bit! I was having FUN. Imagine that, haha!

I understood that my vision isn’t going to fit into any of the boxes I currently have set up. At least not in the way they are set up. The boxes cannot be neatly stacked my way. What was made clear was that the contents of my boxes is useful but I will use it in unconventional ways. So no need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Phew! And how exciting! The image I got while painting that was all the boxes flying around me with their contents mixing and swirling and coming down just at the right moment.

For a while now I have been receiving the message to just paint and blog, paint and blog. And I have been painting a ton but not blogging. So I learned that inspired action needs to be followed fully. I threw out my discomfort of putting what I have to say”out there” for the world to read and I am writing. Just like I am painting outside the lines, I am just going to write.

My Vision 2015, 16x20, Acrylic on Canvas

So here it is: the painting of my vision, the 2015 edition. It makes me happy and excited. I got to know my authentic self more while working on it. It is hanging in my studio and I am having a mug and journal made with this image so that I can have it with me everywhere.


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