What I learned from the ATC Project

Trust yourself

Progress pictures of an intuitive artist trading card titled “Trust Yourself” that I mailed to the eastern USA.

Back in October I had an inspired idea that accosted me in the middle of the night. I love those! I woke up and the decision was made: I am doing this! The idea was to mail a free artist trading card to people. I would get their name and address, then tune into the energy of their name and paint the image I received. I launched this project on October 15, 2014, and almost immediately had over 30 people signed up!

The project went pretty viral on me and I was so inspired! I love creating these tiny works of art for people and receiving the messages and pictures back from them when they receive their card in the mail. The images and titles are always exactly what the person needed to receive in that moment. I love how energy works!

People have also requested to have their art put on everyday objects so that they can be surrounded by their image and reminded of what it means to them. This was so exciting! I sourced mugs, planners and journals and had the images printed on them. Here are a couple pictures that show examples.  You can see all the available art in my shop.

Example of a journal with an intuitive image called Sing Your Song.

Example of a journal with an intuitive image called Sing Your Song.

Example of intuitive art titled Delicious Growth on a mug

Example of intuitive art titled Delicious Growth on a mug







I’ve had people ask me how I do it. How do I know what to paint without even talking to the person who signs up for a card. The answer is that I get my mind out of the way, I tune into the energy of the person’s name, and I set the intention to receive a painting that I then put to canvas. The images come almost instantly to me and then I just paint them. I receive the colours, the shapes, and the title. Here is a gallery of many of the ones I’ve done to date.

Since launching this project I have painted over 60 artist trading cards and have mailed them all over the world! What began as an inspiration really grew my confidence in my art and this gift I have to paint people’s energy. I’ve now been inspired to charge for creating these cards for people. I am pretty sure this idea came to me as a clever prompt from the Universe so that I understand my own value and trust that I can do this. I’m so honoured to be able to create art for people. It just fills my soul.

One of the hardest things for any artist is to know their own value and to honour their own gift. Artists tend to be their own worst critics. This project taught me to love what I create because it is the expression of Source. How can I judge Source? I can’t! I value and cherish my art now and I am happy to charge for it.

You can sign up to receive your own intuitive artist trading card in the mail here. 


2 responses to “What I learned from the ATC Project

  1. Kasia, I love what you say in your last paragraph. Knowing our own value and honouring our own gift of creativity is indeed hard. Even acknowledging these things, so many of us are afraid to charge what we are truly worth. For me, it’s a constant struggle!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You are inspiring a lot of people.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Renata. I think today with art being so much more accessible to more people through the internet it’s easier for artists of all kinds to get out there and feel confident.

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