The Practice of Momentum

I used to always wait till Mondays to start things. It seemed like the acceptable thing to do, right? Monday…a new week begins and so you start a new practice. What I realized is it’s not so much the beginning of something but rather the continuing of it that invites results. It’s the commitment to doing it time after time that creates the momentum.

So now that I don’t live a Monday to Friday life anymore, I start things when I feel inspired to start them. After a 2014 full of letting go of all kinds of things, ideas, people, etc, this new year is a blank canvas. And the coolest thing is that I began receiving inspired ideas for 2015 last month already! And the even cooler thing is that I put them into practice right away! I must toot my own horn here because I didn’t wait till January 1st to begin. I already have some momentum because I began right when inspiration hit.

I began the Artist’s Way course mid December and am really enjoying the morning pages. It feels like a sweeping of the dust off my mind every morning. All kinds of things are coming up and out. I am trusting the process of it.

My first Zentangle attempt

My first Zentangle attempt

I was inspired to start a challenge for myself to be creative every day. For the month of January I am trying out zentangles. I have a whole Pinterest board full of instructions on how to draw them and so each day I will choose one and go for it. Here is a pic of yesterday’s attempt. I like Zentangles because they are simple to start and pretty.

Another thing that has been tickling my mind is vision. If I had my whole vision handed to me in an instant, what would it look like and feel like? I’ve been pondering my vision and trying to describe it in words. So far I only have a feeling of it. For now that’s enough for me. The feeling is steering me along just fine. I will keep inviting the words to come though and will share them when they do.

The third and probably most important momentum building practice is more self love. By that I don’t just mean pampering and sleeping more. I mean in every moment choosing to love myself more. I know that when I love myself unconditionally I will also love the world and everyone in it unconditionally. I’m not quite there yet but it’s an urgent priority for me. I begin each day with my morning pages, then I meditate. If those two things don’t happen I am not allowing myself to get out of bed. If I have to get up early I set an alarm for earlier to fulfill those two commitments to myself. I am also listening to the body and not putting it on the back burner. I am aiming to get to a place of such deep knowing of self love like I know gravity or that the Earth is round. I don’t have to believe in those things, I just know them. I am aiming for unconditional self love as second nature.

I’m excited for this new canvas of 2015. It feels very expansive and abundant. I want to wish you a Happy 2015 and all the best!


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