My Studio Space

Art and creativity are addictive! Since fully committing to my art I have been creating non stop. I used to worry about running out of ideas and I wondered where artists, musicians, and other creative people get their inspiration from. I now understand that when I create from that space inside myself that is eternal, there are no limits. It just flows.

In my last post I wrote about all the letting go I’ve done this year. The one thing I know for sure that I am supposed to do it crate and then blog about it. I have been creating but I haven’t been blogging! I’ve been afraid and self conscious about writing about my creative process, my studio, my paintings. But I’m letting go of that, too. I’ve received amazing feedback so far.

my studio spaceSo here it is. This is my studio. It’s a room in my house where I have finally put all my paint, paper, canvases, various rocks and bits of wood I paint on, and other things that inspire me. I usually paint at a desk or table but now I am experimenting painting with an easel. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. My cat, Spock, often sits on one of my fuzzy rugs or tries to sit on my lap. He’s lucky I haven’t accidentally painted him!

I’ve also been taking progress pictures of some of the pieces I work on. Sometimes I forget to because I’m so engaged in the painting that it’s finished before I know it.

I’m realizing I need to dedicate some specific painting clothes because I’ve ruined some pants and shirts already. When I get into the zone and just paint sometimes it gets everywhere.


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