Letting Go

Fall is such an interesting season. It marks the endings and the harvesting of things. According to my numerology I have a life path number 7 and this year was a 7 year which has been all about letting go. I’ve felt the energy of letting go even stronger since the fall has started than I have all year. I’m pretty sure it’s because as the year winds down there is less time to finish things up and let go of what’s still left over.

When the year started I was really afraid that I would have to let go of people that I loved and cherished in my life. It was easy for me to let go of things and because we moved I had the opportunity to purge everything that was unnecessary in my life. That part was very liberating. As the year went on I realized that what I needed to let go of regarding people in my life was expectations of them. I was called to really look at what meaning I placed on friends, family, and especially my husband and my children.

I then chose to let go of my expectations of them – haha, at least as much as I am able to! I energetically let go of everyone and invited them to stay in my life in the way they were meant to. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Many relationships have changed and I have felt the gamut of emotions that this brings. Many relationships have grown stronger and brought amazing gifts. And I have created the space for new people to enter my life and I’m excited about my clarity of who I would love to have in my life.

My biggest letting go to date has been rigidity about what I know. As someone who prized knowledge and learning of new things above pretty much everything else, I have amassed all kinds of classes, books, courses, letters behind my name, and certificates. I let go of how important these were to me. Again, this was very liberating and allowed myself to just love the knowledge and the information but to enter each new experience as though I didn’t know anything. I found that this allowed Universe to inspire me to new resources or to select resources I already had. I no longer rigidly stick to the way I knew to do things before.

me paintingI have begun a new relationship with myself because of all of this letting go. I am getting to know myself more and loving myself as I am. I am loving the experiences that made me who I am instead of judging them. I am spending time nurturing myself and listening to my body. I am also more aware of how and where I spend my time. I cut off about 14 inches of my hair and I can’t believe how liberating that was and how much I love it! I have embraced myself in a way that I’ve never experienced before. This has opened up possibilities, it’s amazing!


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