Connecting Through the Journey

I’ve been exploring the ideas of creativity, vulnerability and wholeness. What I love about them is the rawness of what is said and what I feel when I listen. I imagine it’s what most everyone in the audience must feel. The human experience is about the journey and my big aha is that sharing that journey in an authentic way is what creates the most amazing connections. It’s what makes art great, books great, movies great. If I don’t connect to the characters, the colours, or the subject in any way, chances are I won’t like it or remember it.

"Compassionate Truth Teller" acrylic on canvas

“Compassionate Truth Teller” acrylic on canvas

But I have been afraid to share many parts of my journey. This means I don’t fully connect. As an artist, that’s a big wall to have up.

I think the biggest reason is, I’m gonna be really honest here, that somewhere along the way I picked up a belief or two about the destination being so much better than the journey. Something along the lines of perfectionism and feeling less than. But the destination is not better. There is only one destination in life: the final one; the one that no one returns from. The rest is all journey.

When listening to other people’s stories or reading a good book it’s the tale itself, the journey, that reels me in and holds me as I witness what happens along the way. I am curious about what’s next and how things turn out. It’s what makes the story engaging to me and it’s why I invest time into reading or watching it. So I’ve adopted the same curiosity about my own journey and it’s made things in my life more fun. I am able to keep my vibration higher. Even the hard days become easier to navigate when I’m curious instead of afraid. I feel empowered instead of lost and creative instead of stuck. Curiosity and connection are powerful wall breakers.


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