What do I do when I hit a limitation?

Living from the heart has been the most rewarding and sometimes scary way to live for me. The main reason it’s scary is because it has brought up all my beliefs and limitations (my mentor calls them setpoints) and I’m sure it’s going to bring more! I can already see them queued up just waiting their turn. And that makes me happy!!

Yes, so happy!!

Because it means I am becoming limitless.

I’ve been hitting setpoints all my life but didn’t always know I was hitting them or what to do about it.

What does it feel like to hit a setpoint?

For me it’s feeling like I’ve hit a giant obstacle on my way to completing something or reaching a goal. The mind starts chattering about how it’s not worth it, it’s too hard, it’s never gonna work, blah, blah, blah. The body then follows the mind and feels sluggish and almost as if I’m pushing a boulder uphill. Now that I’ve recognized these setpoint symptoms it’s quite funny to observe and feel these things.

What I’m most grateful for is now I know how to blast through the setpoints so I get down to business right away. It’s so simple and the first few times it took some conscious effort but now it’s becoming more second nature. Score!

First, I stop doing the thing that uncovered the setpoint. I get still. And I get back to the pieces of clarity that I have. This means I go and read my intentions and purpose statements and really feel into them. I connect with my heart and get still again. From there I ask myself 2014-07-14 21.02.54what is the next most loving thing I can do or I just go to one of my default feel good activities. The feeling good inevitably brings forth inspiration and inspiration brings with it inspired action.

That’s it! So simple, right? Now time to relax.


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