Intuitive Artist

I used to think that my life was a random collection of meandering directions that took me here and there. I’ve had various jobs and a couple different businesses and learned loads of stuff. The problem with thinking that it’s all random is that it doesn’t really feel very good. It made me feel like I hadn’t really accomplished much and that life was passing by. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though, and now, in hindsight, it’s clear.

Everything in life that I have experienced has brought me greater clarity and closer to my true self. I think this is true for anyone who is willing to take a good look at themselves and their life. Sometimes it may definitely seem like we are way off track but the contrast created by being off track can beautifully and unfailingly point us in the right direction.

Looking back at all the different things I’ve done I can pull out main themes of what I loved about each of those experiences. As a kid I loved sewing and cooking and telling stories. As an insurance underwriter working for a high risk insurance company I loved the creativity of finding a solution to a high risk property that no one else even wanted to consider. As the customer manager of a mechanics shop I looked for ways to make the typical shop waiting room more cozy and welcoming, especially for women. Then, as I developed my own coaching business I enjoyed the creative ways in which I could help my clients shift.

There has been a long thread of creativity in my life even though it wasn’t always obvious to me. 20140414_100731I still didn’t fully grasp the power of my creative drive until earlier this year, after doing energy work with a client, an image of a candle and a match came to me and wouldn’t leave my mind. For weeks that picture would creep into my thoughts all the time. I finally decided to paint it. Then I decided to show it to the client. She loved it! She wanted it! She bought it!

I realized the power of my gift to connect with another’s energy and translate it to canvas. It started a whole new adventure and direction for me.

Calling myself an artist is still a bit raw and sometimes scary. I have a big dream for my intuitive art and I’m going to trust that, now that I’m aware of my power, it will be easier to read the signs from the Universe as to what my next step is.


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