Seeing Through The Illusion

I’ve often read about and heard about the illusion that we live in. Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, and nearly every spiritual teacher mentions it to some degree! But what the heck is this illusion? I had no clue, not really, until recently. I conceptually understood what it might be but it wasn’t until I experienced seeing through my own illusion did I fully understand.

I finally realized all the lies the mind tells and how clever it is! As I contemplated those lies and what my authentic truth really is, I felt such an amazing relief and peace. I was calm and all was alright with the world for that moment.

The illusion can be strong and can suck us right back into itself but the best part is that once you see through it once and you feel that loving truth of who you are, you can never fully fall back behind the curtain again. You remember what that truth felt like and you find your way back to it again and again until the veil is permanently gone.


Your thoughts

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