My Secret to Fast Growth

The mind really throws humans for a loop! I haven’t been writing because I’ve been scared and telling myself I have nothing to say. The truth is, I do have things to say. And now I am pretty sure I know how to say them.

20140717-230536-83136045.jpgMy life path number is a 7 according to numerology. This means I learn
through experience and I love to teach what I learn. I’ve been afraid that my experiences and learnings haven’t been good enough to share. Sometimes I notice the hamster wheel I’m on. Why would anyone want to hear about my aha moments? I don’t want to air my dirty laundry for the world to read about! That’s just monkey mind talking.

A dear mentor of mine gave me a secret to how to grow from my own learnings instead of looping back around to sit in the experience of learning it. And sometimes those experiences are really painful.

The secret is simple: share the aha or the learning, not the pain it took to get that aha/learning.

Super simple and it’s a big aha for me. So no dirty laundry, just the goods!


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