Our Bodies Are Waking Up Consciously

I’ve jumped into the Energy Recalibration Sessions and I’ve noticed an overarching theme emerging from the work. During the session I interpret the messages from the body. They come mainly through emotions and images and I translate them into language as best as I can. Sometimes my words are rushed and sometimes they sound inarticulate as I try to find the right sentence to string together. I always record client sessions because often I don’t remember what I said. The body also requests certain things, processes, or exercises and the client can listen to their session recording at any time.

The main idea that I have pieced together through this work is that the physical body has felt left behind and insignificant. Many people are now awake or waking up and doing great work with their emotions and spirituality but the body is just a second thought – if thought about at all. But because it’s our only tool/vessel here it cannot be just a second or passing thought. It must be made equal to the mental, emotional and the spiritual aspects of ourselves.

The reason so many people can feel stuck even though they seem to be doing all the right things is because the body is not up to speed. It’s like expecting to go on a cross country road trip in your car and not change the oil or fill up your gas tank when it needs to be filled. Your car simply won’t get you to where you want to go.

I am discovering through these sessions that just as we have woken up to consciousness and are more aware, our bodies are also more aware. We are made up of trillions of cells, after all, and they are all waking up as we are waking up. As we have new mental, emotional, and spiritual needs with out awakening so do our cells. This means our bodies must be included in our awakening practices. Our body is our main intuitive tool. The better we listen to it the better we will hear our own source.

One of the things the body has been asking for in so many of my client session is conscious acknowledgment and validation as an equal partner in this journey. It has asked for time to be spent focusing on it and flowing love and acknowledgment through it. Just a minute a day, if that’s all you’ve got time for, that’s all it will take to begin this process. Simply relax and go within and envision yourself holding the hand of each and every one of your cells as if you were holding the hand of your beloved child. Just hold each little cell in total and complete, conscious love for a tiny moment. Do this daily and notice how your life changes: how your focus gets sharper, your gut feeling stronger, and your self respect and self worth increase.


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