Releasing Attachment Opens up Receiving

We are settling into our new home in Kelowna, BC. For a few weeks I unplugged almost completely and focused on letting go of all the things that were not coming with us to our new home and packing what was left. It was a fun experience to notice what I was ready to let go of. I hadn’t been ready when we sold our house last year. Places change us because every place has a different energy to it. The place we live in now is already working its magic and transforming and recalibrating my energy. Even some things that I am now unpacking I am ready to let go of. I am simplifying my life and the amount of stuff that it contains.

March 2014

The view from our new window after a recent rain.

I had a numerology and intuitive report done this past January and this is the year of letting go for me. I see it in every aspect of myself and my life. Knowing that I can move froward with my life path to the degree that I can let go really scared me at first. I didn’t want to have to let go of certain people or certain things and I felt fear and loss. It was attached to the people and the things and what I realized is that letting go of the attachment does not necessarily mean that person or that thing will physically leave my life. This realization has worked magic in my life.

When we decided to make the move from Abbotsford to Kelowna my husband didn’t have a job in Kelowna yet. He was going to commute the 3 hours back and forth to his old job until he found a new one. Even though this was not ideal for our family it was something we had decided we would live with for as long as it took. It would actually allow him to have more time for himself and his artistic expression. We let go of expectation and attachment of when, how, and what would happen with his job. The day after we unloaded the truck at our new place he received two job offers. Two weeks later he made that long commute for the last time and now we are all together again.

My work is also shifting more towards facilitating energetic alignment for women. I have been a coach for many years and have tried different helping modalities. Being in this new place and being open to what wants to emerge through me has led me to offer healing sessions in a new way. I have combined my intuitive energy reading with hands on healing energy flow to recalibrate, relax, and align the energy of the body which brings mental, emotional, and spiritual stress relief. My clients leave with a sense of balance, lightness, and clarity. My desire is to work with women who are open moving through their stuckness and discomfort in a faster, more effective, and more gentle way. I am so excited to be in service in this way now.


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