The Question of Indigo Children and others

I’ve been listening a lot to Abraham Hicks because I find the message keeps me on track. Now that I understand more and more about what they say and feel the truth of it, I have made it a daily practice to listen to a few short segments of Abraham on Youtube. Usually it’s whatever pops up in my recommendations. It’s always exactly what I need to hear that day.

Tonight as I was packing and cleaning various places in the house we are vacating soon I carried around my Ipad and listened to Abraham. This video popped up and just hit home.

My husband and I have been told we have indigo children. I don’t know much about what that means and I don’t really subscribe to labels because they can be limiting. (We are always more than what we think we are.) The way that Abraham describes the purpose of these children is so intriguing and wonderful! I just had to laugh because I could imagine what agreements or intentions the souls who are my children this time must have had:

“Let’s choose these physical beings as parents because they will take on the life adventure with full gusto! They won’t conform to what society thinks is the “right way” to do things. They will stumble their way through everything that’s put in front of them. They will pull us out of school and let us learn through living and following our passions and inner guidance systems. Sure, they will be grumpy – very grumpy – in the beginning but they will also be open to hearing the answers that we are bringing to this physical world. We are patient and we trust them to figure it out.”

I’ve often felt that my kids have infinite patience for me to figure stuff out and get into the vortex. They definitely do not conform and are joyful and easy going about life. I feel so lucky to be their mom and to learn so much from them.

I invite you to listen to this Abraham segment, especially if you are a parent, and see the perfection in your own children and in your own life. As a mom or a dad, how can you be more open to what the children are here to teach? What answers do they have to the questions you ask? I am so inspired to be a mom!


3 responses to “The Question of Indigo Children and others

  1. Wow, I needed to hear this. I love it, especially the part about the pessimists and the optimists. My husband has been interested in Abraham for many years and has various books written by the Hicks team.

  2. Reblogged this on NICOLA KNITS and commented:
    For the first time, I am moved to reblog someone else’s post. This is written by a new friend and I really think all parents need to listen to this excerpt from Abraham about “indigo” children.

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