The Universe Sure Likes Speed

Have you ever heard the saying “The Universe likes speed”? I always wanted to know what it feels like to have the things and experiences I want delivered with speed and now that I’ve had some occur…it’s overwhelming!

It feels like a positive overwhelm and I think I’m feeling it because the things and experiences are coming in what appears to be a completely random order!

I have asked, and asked, and asked and aligned, and aligned, and aligned my vibration and gotten to place where I mostly feel either neutral or happy most of the time. Feeling this way is even better than the things and experiences I want. And the manifestations are coming randomly. At least from my linear perspective it appears random.

IMAG0029 (2)I feel like I am caught up in this whirlwind and it’s so big but it’s not chaotic. It’s all perfectly orchestrated by Source who knows exactly what it’s doing. I can’t see even a fraction of the whole picture and I can feel it’s a lot bigger than what I see. So it’s exhilarating and overwhelming and it’s stretching my trust and helping it grow.

Last year we sold our house and moved to a temporary location that began to feel like it could actually be a pretty long term thing. I was ok with that. Then as soon as the New Year hit I knew we were moving. And fast! So here we are…23 days from moving to Kelowna – where we’ve been trying to move for the last 15 years. It’s been like magic now. We have a beautiful place to live and lots of friends who are welcoming us there. Most of the really important things are in place, but not all. And here is the stretching of my trust. My heart tells me this is the next step for us and I am just going with it and focusing on all the magic and the coming together of it. The other details, even though they seem so giant to me, are a tiny speck for Source and I know everything will be just the way it should be.


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