Being My Own Soft Place

I feel like I haven’t had a lot to say lately and so I haven’t written. I ran a blog years ago and trying to write when I had nothing to say was like walking against a strong current. I committed to only writing here when I have something of value to contribute to the out there. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have been practicing an I Am meditation and the experience and results have been very interesting. So much emotion came through in the beginning, then some expressions of I am’ness that felt pretty blissful. Then I got to a place of nothingness and everythingness all at once. This is pretty tricky to articulate into words. It was a beingness beyond labels and feelings. After I stood up from my meditation stool I felt as though I was still part of everything and if my eyes didn’t show me where my body was, I wouldn’t be able to tell where I ended and the out there began. My mind was completely out of the way.

My question is: is it possible to be in that place of such sureness of I am’ness and still be able to function in the physical body safely? How do I drive my car and use my stove if I am feeling detached from the body to that extent?

I’ve experienced a pushing aside of the mind during the energy readings I do. In certain brain wave states that we reach during meditation and times of focus we have greater access to our creative capacities and higher consciousness. At certain brain waves we are also beyond memory access. So what I’m looking for is not a way to rationally function while in those high states of bliss but rather a more mindful state of awareness in every moment.

The best way that I have found to be aware and mindful is to be slower. It’s actually allowed me to gain more time to take care of everything including myself. I have tuned in and listened to myself and only do what I love a lot of the time. What amazed me in the beginning is that everything else is still taken care of and what’s not important has simply gone. I’ve stopped trying to figure out why things didn’t work the way I thought they should. I’ve also stopped trying to find the root cause of what I thought was wrong or missing inside me. Amazingly enough…nothing ever was wrong or missing but my attention on it kept that belief alive.

I used to want to heal everyone because I know some really cool modalities that really work. I used to want to shorten the learning curve for women to love themselves more and to save them from the pain that I believed self discovery included. What I know now is that I show women how to be their own soft – I mean really soft – landing. I can’t shorten anyone’s learning curve or prevent them from taking their journey in the way they are meant to.

What I know I can do is show how to navigate that journey to their own I am’ness and self love. It may be a short journey or a long one and that doesn’t matter. What matters is just the courage, willingness, and desire to be self responsible no matter what. The journey can be fun and rewarding and miraculous even as it continues throughout life.

Part of the journey is experiencing states that are simply bliss and there is nothing to do and where rational function is not required. And part of the journey is to be mindful as we are rational and we go about the things we do. The mind doesn’t have to get in the way and sabotage. In fact, it can be our greatest ally, we just have to know how to invite it to be that ally.

You will receive valuable insight and answers to your questions about the things that are important to you. You can find out more about working with me here.


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