The Gifts of Saying Yes

cat lionLife has just opened up so fast recently. It’s been amazing and also overwhelming but in a good way, if that makes any sense. Ever since I had that moment of feeling epic self love and decided to just follow my heart and not be afraid anymore, it’s like I flipped a switch. The things I used to never want to tell others about are now bringing me so much joy and fulfillment (like seeing energy!). I had no idea that I was capable of sharing so much with other women. I had no idea how much my fear of being thought of as a woowoo weirdo was holding back from those who are now benefiting so much.

I have jumped fully into practicing Reiki and doing Energy Readings. I’m just going for it! I don’t know why I was afraid. I must have been burned at the stake in a past life or something!. People know what Reiki is today and what getting a reading is all about. The women I have already worked with since the beginning of this year are astounded, amazed, grateful, and so much has fallen into place for them. Through the insights and messages that I am sharing with them based on their own energy fields I have witnessed amazing shifts and healings in their lives. Universe wants to work through me and I finally understand some next steps!

Like I said, I didn’t know that by holding myself back I was holding back so much from others. I feel so blessed and excited and now taking the next steps to bring these gifts to even more women out there. Energy healing can be done no matter the distance. It’s the intention behind it. I can help women all over! I’ve said yes and the Universe is responding. I’m grateful and in awe.


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