New Years Insights and Angel Wing Readings

Welcome to a New Year! I had a wonderful and mostly unplugged December and hope you did too. It was very strange for me to take time to just be, to tune in and listen. It was especially weird to not be busy just being busy because I’ve been an expert at that for a very long time.

I had some interesting things come out of this quiet time. I healed a lot of things that simply were not coming with me into this New Year. I chose my one word theme for 2014. I also got a strong nudge from my guides to finally start doing Angel Wing Readings. I’ve been afraid to come out and say that I can see energy around people and it takes the form of what I imagine angel wings look like.

I’ve been able to interpret this energy and read it in a way that formulates a clear message to the receiver. I decided to have a go at doing Angel Wing Readings and so far everyone who has experienced one has said the information has been insightful, accurate, and helpful.

So I’ve decided that I am just going to take the leap and offer Angel Wing Readings. If I can be of service to others in this really amazing and magical way then I am in!

The readings take between 30-45 minutes depending on any questions. If you’re intrigued please contact me and I will be happy to do a reading for you.





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