Small Steps Work Wonders

It takes more energy to get something moving than it does to keep something moving.

This was a major aha for me when I heard this statement. It explained to me why so many times I didn’t do what I knew needed to be done to make the changes that I wanted to make and to have those changes stick! And I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there who felt like I was lacking the energy to make change. I really wanted to but there was always some excuse, some reason, some complaint or something else that would hinder my movement or stop it altogether.

After I reached the end of my rope yet again I realized that I kept ending up in the same place because I hadn’t learned my lesson yet…but what was the lesson? It didn’t take me long to figure out that I wasn’t actually doing the work and taking the steps that I knew needed to be taken. I was so focused on being the mom I wanted to be that the consistent doing didn’t get done. I was busy being busy doing all kinds of other stuff but not the inspired actions that would actually propel me forward.

I had been standing behind my own vision, visualizing it, trying to feel it, and wondering how it would come to fruition but I hadn’t actually done anything to move that vision into motion.

Another thing I have heard before is that the Universe likes speed. It’s true! I know it for a fact now because as soon as I took the first step forward towards my vision and created a tiny bit of momentum with it, another potential step materialized. I went for it and more momentum was created. More steps popped up and some I talked myself out of but many I followed. I still don’t know a lot of the how but what I realized is that by taking little steps I have now created a movement that is sustainable and it’s easier for me to keep it going.

The good news is I don’t have to know that how. So far I’ve had the right mentors and the right information show up for me to take me to the next step so that I can make my vision of helping women to love themselves, not less, out there in a big way. I’m really excited to watch all this unfold and see how it’s going to come together.

I do have a plan and I’m doing the work but I’m careful not to get busy being busy doing stuff that doesn’t matter. I am doing the stuff that I know pushes that vision forward every day. And that’s enough for now.

i am ready to receiveAre you ready to fall in love with your life? Do you worry that your relationships with your kids/family/friends/work is not as close and connected as you want? Do you feel stuck and don’t know what else to try to finally get over these feelings of doubt, shame, and hatred your past pain?

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