The Addiction of Healing

I remember my very first NLP intro weekend more than five years ago…I experienced some amazing shifts and learned things I had never even imagined before! That intro was the beginning of a really cool journey for me and I went on to complete NLP Trainers Training. NLP is neuro-linguistic programming and it’s probably the most advanced change technology that exists today for human behavioural, emotional, and mental wellness. It produces results fast which is my favourite part.
After those epic experiences of working on myself and releasing mental and emotional pain I was addicted to personal growth on a whole new level. But like with any addiction I kept looking for more and more epic releases and healing experiences.

And I would be disappointed by not getting that big endorphin dump every time I worked through a problem so I thought I was not healing enough.

Then I realized that growth and expansion is made up of both epic changes and a whole bunch of small, incremental changes which are no less epic or important. After the big healings come the fine tuning healings and the consistent practices that solidify the permanent new groves in our neurology.

As soon as I stopped expecting my growth to happen a certain way and I just focused on being present I became much happier. I know this doesn’t mean that there is no more growth for me…I just know that I am no longer looking for it because this state of inner happiness and joy. When something comes up for me to look at I will look at it. I always have the courage and willingness to look at my stuff. In this moment, though, I love the happiness and enoughness I feel.

So when you’re worried that you’re not healing enough…you are. It just doesn’t always feel the same as it did the first few times.


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